6 different versions of simple (starring no chill coups)



Let’s Play AU – The GYUtery: Mingyu Kim has loved to cook since he was very little, but he never thought he would make a career out of it. With the help of his best friends Wonwoo Jeon, Minghao Xu, and Junhui Wen, and the other members of their SEVENTEEN Collective family, he set up The GYUtery: a place for simple and affordable “pantry” recipes. Please feel free to contribute your own recipes, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

(Ps: keep an eye out! With Junhui and Minghao on tour with Sigma Crew and Wonwoo getting busier with Prodigious Music, Mingyu may be looking for some extra hands around the studio!(please don’t use or claim as your own!)