[ENG] 160531 SEVENTEEN Behind @ Show Champion (Part 1)

(Part 2)



Jeonghan -> Dokyeom

My idiot Dokyeom-ah, though there are times that I
have to pat/comfort you, I really like that you’re there as one of the 12
members who’d says things that give me energy when I’m tired, and it gives me strength
*laughs*. In the future too, be my idiot always~

Dokyeom -> Hoshi

Hoshi~!! Seoksoon talk! Soonseok talk! *laughs* Our
hyung whom I adore, let’s go on together for a really really long time!

Hoshi -> Dino

Maknae-yah. I’m always sorry and thankful (towards
you) because of the bad hyungs. You’ll really shine as the best, I know that,
my words are sincere. Hwaiting just like now! The side of you working hard is

Dino -> The8

Hi The8? It’s my first time writing a letter to you…
I’m very nervous ^^;; Because I’m really very bad at expressing (my feelings),
thank you so much~ I’ve learnt a lot from you, you’re definitely a presence in
SEVENTEEN that cannot be absent! Thinking about it, it feels like it was the
day before yesterday when we first met in the practice room, we’ve already
debuted and the fact that we’ve already released a repackage album, it’s really
fascinating and I feel really good ^^ There’ll be a lot of difficult times in
the future but it’s overcome them together, and be together for a long long
time~~ I love you~ ❤

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[160607] Jeonghan’s Twitter Update

[17’s 정한] 쉬엄 쉬엄 녹음순서 기다리면서 팩도 하면서…. 어!!!! 12시넘었다!!! 다들 자겠죠?? #무슨_녹음_일까

[17′s Jeonghan] Waiting for my turn to record while resting and also using a pack…. oh!!!! It’s past 12 o’clock!!! Everyone should be asleep right?? 


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[ENG] 160517 Wonwoo′s Twitter Interaction with Fans


Fan: Wonwoo glasses, heart attack.
WW: Oh yeah, heart attack.

Fan: The most handsome member please give a reply???
WW: Lets call for our Seungkwan-ie!

Fan: Wonwoo-oppa, how about singing a live version of Love Letter? (Earnest)
WW: I’ve written all of it on the letter~ Mm~
(T/N: Lyrics to Love Letter) 

Fan: What genre of movies do you like?
WW: I’ve been liking Marvel lately. *laughs*

Fan: Hello~ Among Seungkwan, Dino and Vernon-ie, who do you think is like a hyung?
WW: It’s Dino-hyung!

Fan: Who’s the most chic member amongst SEVENTEEN💛?
WW: Me. 

Fan: Jihoon-ie oppa *cries* I’m having night study so I’m really missing (you) *cries* I feel like touching your cheeks.
WW: No one can touch that…

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