2016 LIKE SEVENTEEN – Shining Diamond Concert Merch


Seventeen’s Love&Letter Repackage Album


Seventeen Album Vol. 1 – LOVE&LETTER (Repackage) (Normal Edition) KpopMart | YesAsia (unfolded poster) | KTOWN4U (w/ poster) | KPOPTOWN (to be updated)


  1. NO F.U.N
  2. 아주Nice (Very Nice)
  3. 힐링 (Healing)
  4. Simple
  5. 끝이 안보여 (Can’t See The End)
  6. 엄지척 ((Chuck)
  7. 예쁘다 (Pretty U)
  8. 이놈의 인기 (Still Lonely)
  9. 유행가 (Popular Song)
  10. Say Yes
  11. 떠내려가 (Drift Away)
  12. Adore U (Vocal Team Ver.)
  13. Mansae (Hip-Hop Team Ver.)
  14. Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
  15. Love Letter


  • Photobooklet 152p
  • 2 types of stickers
  • 3 types of photocards – 13pc big size (1 type); 13 pc small size (2 types)
  • poster (optional)

Seventeen Album Vol. 1 – LOVE&LETTER (Repackage) (1CD+2DVD Special Edition) KpopMart | YesAsia (unfolded poster) | KTOWN4U (w/ poster) | KPOPTOWN (to be updated)


  • All normal edition content
  • Photobooklet 140p – Making of ‘Boys Wish’ Concert
  • CD 1 – Tracklist (see above)
  • [DVD 1] 2016. 02 Seventeen’s Encore Concert Boyswish Live (165min)
    *Some details of the performances may be excluded from the live performance video due to copyright issues
  • [DVD 2] 2015 Concert, 2016 Encore Concert making of (51min)




Seventeen’s love and gratitude to the fans is sent through the repackaged album.

In April, the first full album ‘LOVE & LETTER’ with the title song ‘Pretty U’ was released by the ‘self-made idols (produer-dols)’. Living up to their reputation and showing more growth from receiving a lot of love, the Repackage Album will be released at midnight on July 4.

The album is planned to convey their appreciation to the fans who sent lots of love in the last ‘Pretty U’ activities. Existing ‘LOVE & LETTER’ songs plus 5 new songs consists of a total of 15, you can feel the richness of Seventeen’s colors.

The album title song ‘Very NICE’ conveys the hearts of men towards the opposite sex which is expressed as the word NICE. It expresses the excitement and heart thumping when they see the one they like.

The song “Healing” is the Part 2 version of ‘Love Letter’ which is addressed to fans on the last album released. “쉼이란 바다에 몸을 던져 푹 쉬어도 돼요. 이건 다 healing healing” (lyrics) expresses that the fans’ existence is healing. ‘Can’t See the End/Unseen End’ is a song that is about worrying about the reality of fulfilling and working towards their dreams like in the lyrics “내가 빛이 될 수 있음을 느껴”. In addition, ‘SIMPLE’, which was released on Seventeen’s December first concert is a song in which you can take a glimpse of Woozi’s 100% emotion.

Seventeen’s "Very NICE” music video is directed by Korea’s famous video director team, DigiPedi. They are sure to deliver fresh visuals and be able to express emotions. 

Like the title song, the jacket images of Seventeen shows a “very NICE” day. The concept attracts the attention giving the feeling of showing bright energy.

“Very NICE”’s performance is like Seventeen’s second mini-album, BOYS BE’s title track “Mansae”’s performances in that it will show a powerful and dazzling choreography and where you can feel the witty charm of Seventeen. Seventeen’s comeback will make your hot summer refreshing.

※ Specifications 
– Photobook – 152P
– Polaroid photo card – 3 Kinds (1 in big size (13), 2 in small size (26); random insertion)
– 2 kinds of Stickers
– 1 Poster

**Weight: about 500g

**Price: 17, 800₩

**Release Date: July 5

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Seventeen will blow the hot summer with cool music with their repackaged album.Special limited edition available!

With the excitement of Seventeen’s first concert in February, [The repackaged album is] literally packed with live performance videos and pictures.
[This is] released as a special edition in limited quantities.

** DVD 1: content (about 165 minutes)

** DVD 2: content (about 51 minutes)
– 2015 concert + making of images of the 2016 encore concert.

** Additional
– Love & Letter Repackage Album version of the album which includes CD, etc.
– Seventeen BOYS WISH concert 140P-making of, including cover photos
– English subtitles supported

** SIZE info
– W x D x H
= 190 mm x 220 mm x 50 mm Hard Case
– Weight: about 950g

** PRICE: 43.000₩

** Release Date: July 7

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