[ENG] 160712 The8’s Twitter Interaction With Fans


Fan: How would it feel to receive a reply mention from The8 bebe… *cries*
The8: Very nice *laughs* 

Fan: There’s something I’m curious about, how are you so handsome?
The8: I don’t know either *laughs*

Fan: Myungho-ya, did you eat the pigs trotters deliciously? The part-timer there said that Myungho’s very handsome…… 


The8: I ate a lot a lot, delicious~~~

Fan: Are you on a date with Mingyu?? So jealous *cries* I also want to go on a date with The8 *laughs* 
The8: Why would I go on a date with Mingyu *laughs* I don’t want that *laughs* 

Fan: Suddenly doing a menpa??? Woah why, anyway you won’t see this.
The8: I came here because I missed everyone.
(T/N: Menpa = Mention party)

cr: kass @ what17says

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