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[ENG] 160721 Joshua’s Twitter Interaction with Fans


Opening tweet: [17’s Joshua] What’s up CARATs!!!!! 🙂 Shua has arrived!!!!

Fan: Jisoo-yah, what are you doing?
JS: I’m preparing for the concert now *laughs*

Fan: Who does Shua belong to~?
JS: My Mum 😉

Fan: Today is Joshua day? To me, everyday is Joshua day *laughs* Jisoo oppa I love you, fighting for today too❤
JS: Thank you ^^

Fan: There are 8 days left till the concert, dugeun dugeun, doki doki. (T/N: Sounds of heart pounding)
JS: My whole body is itchy itchy *laughs*
(T/N: In reference to AJU NICE lyrics)

Fan: When will I get a reply from Jisoo😿
JS: Now!!!! 🙂

cr: jia @ what17says
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