Jihan College AU: The clashing of two vastly different worlds. Gifted art major Yoon Jeonghan as he sketches his shy muse, astrophysics major Hong Jisoo.  

The clatter of coloured pencils, the little ditty he hums under his breath, the shock of red hair that gleams in the slant of sunlight spilling in from the studio windows.

It’s like looking at the stars, except infinitely closer. 

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[160504] Vernon and Dokyeom’s Twitter Update

[17’s 버&겸] >_< 날씨가…너무 추워요!!방심하지 말고 옷 따뜻하게 입기!!!약속~~!!><
캐럿분들 항상 생각하고 있는거 잊지않기!! #사진은_버겸인데_글은_민규 #셋이_함께 #예쁘다

[17’s Ver&Kyeom] >_< The weather is… very cold!! Don’t be careless and dress warmly. Promise~~!!>< Don’t forget that we’re always thinking of Carats!!
#The_three_of_us_are_together #PRETTY_U

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