Commission Infor: deviantArt

Hulo~ I’m Dara, an artist-wannabe. I’m having spare time now that school year is over, which is why I’m thinking of doing commission to save extra money for a new, functioning laptop (bless my field of work…).

I’ve posted detailed information on deviantArt, so if any of you finds this intriguing please do contact me via my dA account (link above). No dA account? Email me at

I’m some invisible dude out here but if possible, please kindly help the poor me spread the word – that’d be enormous help :>. Thank you very much and massively sorry if this bores you out. Have a nice day~

(p.s: if you do notice the the sample art is fanart of SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Jisoo. I just love them. There’ll be discount if you commish me to draw SEVENTEEN members jkjkjk)


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