[ENG] PRETTY U Album: Dokyeom, Jun & Wonwoo’s Notes

Dokyeom: (1) Hello?! *laughs* I’m trying to write a letter on my way to meet you~ I want to meet and talk to you as soon as possible~ Also having a meal together~ I want to create good memories while I’m with you~ ^_^ Also.. I… Really.. Like you a lot!! *laughs* (2) Wait just for a little bit~~ I’ll be there soon~!! I love you~ ❤

Jun: I always draw a picture when I’m looking at your face. I’m thinking about you a lot. Even though the drawing is pretty, it cannot be compared to you. Now I can’t erase my drawing of you in my heart. Please accept my heart as you’re reading this letter, my angel.

Wonwoo: I wish you would see this letter. I’m expressing my heart through a letter for the first time. I hope you would interpret it exactly the way I mean it, letter by letter. 

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jyeoshin & bex @ what17says

© take out only with credits


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